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Call for Applications for Haunted Dances in the Annex, Toronto

Call for Applications

WHAT: Be featured as part of Haunted Dances Ghost Walk

HOW: Through story and dance! You decide how you wish to be involved! All featured participants will be paired with a professional choreographer

WHO: Bring your lawn or porch and your Halloween story. Include your family / pets, even plants! We welcome and encourage applications from any person identifying as a minority in their community.

Participants will enjoy art-making experience including families, our neighbourhood, and a small honorarium. If you have a porch or lawn to offer in the annex, or you wish to perform, or both, we will be thrilled to hear from you!

Applications close September 30th.
First Come – First Served

Questions? Call us or send a text to: Mal @ 416-889-4881
or email


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