Do you believe that reconciliation starts with learning?

Do you wish schools included Indigenous perspectives?

Do you struggle to meet the Ontario Dance Curriculum requirements?

There are not enough dollars to put every program and perspective in every school

We wish to offer the world to our children in their education. There are limits, unfortunately, to the resources avaliable within the school system.

As an individual you may not know an Indigenous artist who can transform your class. And, you can’t solve these problems on your own.

your students can be energized, transformed, and inspired through unique encounters with art

Taught by Indigenous and settler artists, working together

Program components include:

  • Movement-based improvisation
  • Exploring dimensions of physical vocabulary
  • Connection to rhythm and time
  • Choreography
  • Creative structure & reflection
  • Authentic expression through movement and sound
  • Narrative Analysis
  • Symbolic communication
  • Traditional Indigenous values
  • Reconciliation
  • Teachings of the land
  • Active honouring of culture and identity through art and storytelling

Ontario Dance Curicculum - Fully Covered for Elementary grades


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