Dancing The Seven Grandfather Teachings

For Grades 4 - 5

An interactive dance curriculum illustrated by Indigenous wisdom

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Meets Ontario Curriculum

Meets all Ontario dance curriculum expectations of strands A1 - A5.


Taught by Artists

Our company connects your students with Indigenous professionals streamed live to your virtual classroom.

Arik - Hoop - edited

Four Part Workshop Series

Interactive workshops exploring movement and empowering individuality.

Using dance to investigate:

  • Movement-based improvisation
  • New dimensions of physical vocabulary
  • Connection to rhythm and time
  • Choreography
  • Creative structure & reflection
  • Authentic expression through movement and sound
  • Narrative Analysis
  • Symbolic communication
  • Traditional Indigenous values
  • Reconciliation
  • Teachings of the land
  • Active honouring of culture and identity through art and storytelling
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    Lesson One:

    Lesson Two:

    Lesson Three:

    Lesson Four:

    Introduction, Bears, Stars, Trees & Awakening Bear

    Remebering Bear, Playing with Wolf, Sabe and Turtle

    The story continues, Dancing with Eagle & Buffalo

    Beaver ties it all together with Wizdom

    Creation History

    Dancing the Seven Grandfather Teachings is an online, four-part workshop created specifically for grades 4&5. The workshop is rooted in the ancient Seven Grandfather Teachings, shared with us by the Anishinabe nation and is intended to be experienced through dance, music, storytelling and visual art. It was created and conceived by choreographer and artist Malgorzata Nowacka-May, Chimera Dance Theatre’s Artistic Associate Sophie Dow, and reviewed by Elder & educators: Shirley Horn, Carmelina Martin, Nicholas Longstaff, Kip Longstaff and many more.

    Sophie Dow, Indigenous Workshop Leader

    Ontario Grade 4 & 5 Curriculum

    Our workshop connects with the entire Ontario dance curriculum

    All grade level expectations (A1 - A4) are integrated into this three-part virtual field trip. For detailed questions, please email or call us to inquire.

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    All bookings begin by completing our “Booking Request Form”. A friendly team-member will reach out to confirm availability and payment will not be required prior to program commencement. An invoice will be sent to the school secretary after the first successful day of class. 


    DURATION: Each class is 60 minutes, with four classes that build on one another.
    THe class can be four days in a row OR once a week.

    PRICE: $599 for full program.
    (This program has been subsidized by the Trillium Foundation, and further financial support is available by request)

    YOU WILL RECEIVE: Four classes taught by an Indigenous Artist, optional homework questions and activities, a study tool with glossary, the Seven Grandfather Teachings notebook and a summary of learnings.


    Accepting bookings now through June 2022