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Who we are

The Chimera Project Dance Theatre is a Toronto-based contemporary dance company recognized for its energy-charged physicality and inquisitive content. Established by founding artistic director Malgorzata Nowacka-May in 1999, Chimera’s mission is to create and produce original dance in theatres and on film, and to develop educational programming. 

Described as the “most exciting” and “most original in Canada” (The Globe and Mail), Chimera’s presence garnered accolades including Top 10 performances of the year in The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, NOW, and FASHION. Chimera aims to transcends limits, navigating the space between urban and rural duality, small and large endeavors, and reimagining of traditional techniques.


July 28, 2023

New Creation

In-studio showing of a work-in-progress, new material, music, and thoughts! Curious? Come and see!. We are a renowned Contemporary Dance Toronto-Based Company in Canada.
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Canada Dance
Toronto Dance

Photos by: David Hou

contemporay dance company

Touring for schools

Book Today

Bears Stars and Trees is a unique work that started in 2016, guided by Elder Shirely Horn, and created with a team of Indigenous and Western-tradition artists. 

Book the live experience today, or if your budget is tight we can come to you live online.

What we do

Experience the Artistry of Contemporary Dance in Toronto with Chimera Dance Theatre – Showcasing the Best Class of Canada Dance.

Mainstage Performances

Chimera launched groundbreaking choreography and physics defying dancers in 1999, leading to recognition and gasping audiences across Canada and beyond.

School Tours and Education

Building audinces and dancers of tomorrow through transformative experiences in class and online.

Community Projects

Join Hunted Dances for an experience in Toronto on October 31st, 2022.

1. Mainstage Performances


Edgy Choreography

2. Education



Chimera Dance Theatre has been touring schools in person and virtually since 2018.

Would you like us to tour yours?

3. Dance on Film

Just Screened

North-America Wide

Elizabeth Gagnon and Arik Pipe continue to shine as our film is received across North America.

Thank you so much to the following individuals who supported Bears Stars and Trees in Los Angeles, US

We could not have done it with out you Dan, Jamie, Matt, Roselyn, Kenneth, Scott and Kip

Malgorzata Nowacka-May artist
chimera dance

Photo by: Sanaz Mazinani

Indigenous dance

Free Online

Community Workouts

Do you want to workout daily but have no time? Join online classes for workouts to keep you on track. The workout group has been around 2019.

Whether you are fit, or dream to be fitter, this workout is for you. We also have yoga accessible for beginners.

The benefit of this training is to be WITH other people who will help to keep you on track.

Morning yoga: 8:30 am
Workout: Join group to get up to date schedule!

Please email for more information and to sign up.

Accolades and


Chimera Dance Theatre has been seen in some of Canada's biggest and smallest contexts. We are grateful for the opportunity to share dance in both.

Best Sound Design in Film

Short Film

Bears Stars and Trees


"Most exciting choreographer"

Mainstage Work review

The Globe and Mail

Gratitude & Acknowledgement of

Traditional Land

Chimera Dance Theatre thanks the traditional keepers Tkaronto (Toronto) for hosting our creative hub on the traditional and sacred territories of the Anishinaabe (Mississaugas of Credit First Nation), Haudenosaunee Peoples from the Six Nations Confederacy of the Grand River, the Wendat and the Chippewa. We respect the enduring presence of Indigenous people, in the past, present and future and we aim to support the journey of Truth and Reconciliation. We honour Elders, Wisdom and Knowledge Keepers and the stories and resiliency of the original stewards of Turtle Island. But the work only begins with these thoughts. We are committed to action - to change.

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