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Bears Stars and Trees - The Film

What we see and what we do not see – the knowledge of the Seven Grandfathers Teachings brings ancient Indigenous
wisdom to a world desperate for salvation.
This film was the result of a collaboration between contemporary and Indigenous artists, a meeting ground with Ballet and
traditional hoop dance.

Ce que nous voyons et ce que nous ne voyons pas – la connaissance des sept grands-pères apporte la sagesse traditionnelle
autochtone à un monde désespéré, pour son salut.

Ce film est le fruit d’une collaboration entre artistes contemporains et autochtones, lieu de rencontre avec le ballet et la
danse traditionnelle du cerceau.

Produced by:

Chimera Dance Theatre

Directed by:

Malgorzata Nowacka-May


Max Putintsev

Camera Operator:

Vikas Vasu


Jonathan Lawley


Malgorzata Nowacka -May & Arik Pipe

Rehearsal Director:

Jeffrey Baker


Arik Pipe, Elizabeth Gagnon

Cultural Advisor:

Arik Pipe

Original Concept:

Donna Hilsinger, Shirley Horn, Malgorzata Nowacka-May

Music composed by:

Nick Dyer and Eric Cadesky

Sound Design:

Nick Dyer, Eric Cadesky, Malgorzata Nowacka-May

We Offer Mentorship

The Chimera Project mentorship program is geared towards individuals who show a strong potential in succeeding as a professional dance artist. They display valuable artistic qualities and leadership skills.

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