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Eric Cadesky


Eric Cadesky is a highly accomplished composer with over 40 years of experience creating music for ballet and modern dance. His impressive body of work includes over 75 pieces for dance, which have been performed by prestigious companies such as the National Ballet of Canada, Ballet BC, Lyon Opera Ballet, Mannheim Ballet, Montanaro Dance, Chimera Dance Theatre and Pro Arte Danza. Cadesky was also Composer In Residence for Desrosiers Dance Theatre for eight years, where he created innovative and memorable compositions for their productions.

Throughout his career, Cadesky has had the privilege of collaborating with many of Canada’s most gifted independent choreographers. His music has been praised for its ability to evoke powerful emotions and enhance the storytelling of the dance. In fact, some of Cadesky’s most notable works have been performed live on tour in Canada and the US, captivating audiences with their dynamic rhythms and organic presence.

With a career spanning four decades, Eric Cadesky has established himself as a prominent figure in the world of dance composition, creating music that is both innovative and timeless.

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