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Laura Reznek

Composer, Musician

A self-professed observist and avid people-watcher, Reznek’s music takes up issues of humans and humanity – spinning the ‘why’ of people and what we do through insightful lyrics, swelling chords, and poignant melodies. Although her classical training is apparent in her technique and arrangements, Reznek’s interest in perception is her guide in her upcoming project – a collaborative effort using the ‘found sounds’ of life that the rest of us take for granted. Coaxing music out of pot-and-pan percussion, running water, and city traffic is a feat only the few can achieve – and Reznek has mastered it. Spinning stories of family, friends, and crowds, Reznek’s Neptunian orchestration lays bare the human condition in a way all of us can understand through our own lived experiences. // IG: @laurareznek

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