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Tavia Christina

Dance Artist

Tavia Christina is a neurodivergent Métis & Maltese artist residing in Tkarón:to (Toronto, ON).

As a creator, Tavia seeks humanness–work that is not just for the stage and final production but for the mind, body, and soul to find themselves as one vessel through research processes. 

Their practice is based in somatic movement, improvisation, and spiritual endurance. Tavia enjoys using a variety of mediums such as dance, creative writing, magic, film and photography to
convey their messages, most of their work lands in the multidisciplinary realms.

They have created pieces that revolve around the unspoken socio-political stories in today’s society, with a particular emphasis on queer perspectives and their lived experiences.

Tavia joined the artistic team of Chimera in 2022 as part of Haunted Dances, and is currently in creation process of a new work by Malgorzata Nowacka-May.

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